Let yourself be pampered!

Do something good for your body!


Let yourself be pampered!


Forget stress & tension with the variety of massages & special treatments in our chalet village.
Would you like a classic massage or an "Alpine" massage? There is certainly the right thing for everyone!
Book your massage in advance by calling +43 5634 20178 or by e-mail. info@benglerwald.at.

Classic massage

medium intensity - 45 min.

The classical massage is the best known and most widespread massage technique in the western world. As a classic natural healing method, its field of application ranges from a general relaxing effect to the targeted treatment of many physical complaints.

Sports Massage

medium to high intensity - 45 min.

Within the scope of the sports massage, handles of the classic massage as well as supplementary handles are applied, which mobilize the joints. The intensity of treatment is slightly higher than in the classic massage.

Intensive back massage

medium to high intensity - 45 min.

The treatment zone is limited to the buttocks, back and neck. Various techniques from the field of massage and physiotherapy are used to relieve tension and movement restrictions.

Lymphatic drainage

light intensity - 45 min.

The extremely pleasant and relaxing effect of lymphatic drainage is based on a transfer of tissue fluids via the lymph vessels. This gentle grip technique promotes the drainage of lymph fluid and the filtering effect of the lymph nodes.

Foot reflexology massage

medium to high intensity - 45 min.

The reflex zones on the feet represent the entire body with all its organs and body parts - comparable to a map. Reflective zones are projection zones of internal organs on the surface of the body.

ALPIN Massage

medium intensity - 45 min.

Fast regeneration for tired sportsman's legs. The Alpine massage consists of a combination of foot and leg massage and light mobilisation techniques. Feet, legs and buttocks are treated.

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